Dark day for   LGBT community : Trump’s victory threatens to set back years of inter...

Trump as a President of America is a Threat to Mankind

Dark day for LGBT community:Trump’s victory threatens to set back years of international progress on LGBT rights made during Obama administration.Trump voiced his support for the controversial HB2 law in North Carolina,effectively opposing Obama administration’s lead for transgender students being allowed to use restrooms that match their gender identity.
Foreign Policy: Trump foreign policy is  a risk to the world economy as he will start a trade war with China in Asia,Iran in the Middle East and Russia in Europe.In his Policy he tries to put economic pressure on Mexico by forcing them to pay high taxes on trade and immigration.
Muslim Americans: Muslim Americans and Arab Americans are scared and worried about their survival in USA after the shocking win of Trump.As the Trump in his election rally threaten to throw all muslims out of America and ban muslims from other terror country.He accused Muslim Americans as a group of harboring terrorists.
Immigration Policy: He will shut down illegal immigration and build a beautiful wall between America and Mexico.He promised to create a  special deportation task force in order to remove millions of immigrants from the country.
Disaster for Planet: Trump is the man who does not believe in the science behind man-made climate change and has threatened to to cancel the Paris Agreement.Trump has said he wants to repeal all federal spending on clean energy.