img src         OMG!!60 crore for a number                              plate? What you call a men who just spent Rs 60 cr...

OMG!!! 60 Crore for a number plate??

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       OMG!!60 crore for a number                              plate?

What you call a men who just spent Rs 60 crore on a number plate in Dubai for his new Rolls-Royces.A rich Indian businessman or a passionate number plate collector?Before buying a car people think about the budget thousands of time but few people just spent crores for the number plate.

An Indian businessman  Balwinder Sahani,who owns a Dubai-based property management company paid 33 million dirhams which is equal to approximately 60 crore in Indian rupees to grab a single digit Dubai number plate ‘D5’ in a auction organised by Dubai road and transport authority .

The passion does not stops here .He also buy another number plate for  1 million Dirham  approx 1.8crore ).This is also not the first time that Sahani grab a number plate in dubai,as he had almost 10 special digit number plate in his name according to UAE news.As it seems as a tradition for rich and wealthy people in Dubai to own a single digit number as it considered to be status symbol.

Surprisingly this is not the highest bid for a number plate as in 2008,businessman Saeed Al Khouri bought a number plate for 52.5 million dirhams(approx 96 crore ) for the plate number ‘1’.The money earned in the auction goes to Dubai Road and Transport Authority for road and transport development.