6 must know Facts about India and Pakist...

6 Must know facts about India and Pakistan

                                                                                          6 must know Facts about India and Pakistan

The amid tension between two nuclear power India and Pakistan is not hidden to anyone as it has been continues since 1947 from the day of independence.Here some key reason for this worsen relationship.. 

1-Junagadh issue:

Pakistan claimed Junagadh as it province as it was ruled by a Muslim ruler  Nawab Mahabat Khan who choose to accede to Pakistan but in the other hand india denied to accept Pakistan point of view as india believes that Junagadh has a 80% of hindu population and it must be a part of India.Later on Junagadh was occupied by Indian troops sent by India’s then Defence Minister Sardar Patel .

2-Kashmir issue:

It is an unresolved issue and even various attempt has been taken to resolve this issue by UN but all in vain.Everyday cease fire violation across the Loc by Pakistani troop is reported by Indian troops.Pakistan intension was to get back Kashmir from india at any cost.

 3-War of 1965:

One of the greatest war after world war II in which largest amount of armoured vehicle and the largest tanks are used.The war is a result of Pakistan gluttonous attitude to take control of Kashmir from india and battle last for almost 5 weeks.But it ends in a dilemma without any result as UN intervene into it.

4-War of 1971:

This is one of the shortest war in the history in which Pakistan signed the instrument of surrender in 1971 as a result East Pakistan which was dominantly occupied by Bengali people separated from Pakistan and became Bangladesh.


This war between India and Pakistan took place in Kargil distict of Kashmir in 1998-1999 in order to recapture all the territories which are captured my Pakistani troops into indian controlled section of Kashmir.India regain its territories and Pakistan withdrew its forces due to international pressure and leave remaining portion of Loc.

6-Water dispute:

Indus water treaty is one of the vital reason behind India and Pakistan worsen relationship which was signed in 1960.Pakistani fears that as all the rivers flow through India first  and source rivers for Indus basin were in India,so India may use it as a weapon during war to create drought and femines in Pakistan.